Religous dilemma

While reading the paper, I came across a story that covered a ‘break through’ in Islamic way of life. Here is the story I am talking about. (Express news 5th October)


Saying hello is permitted

As it turns out, greeting someone with a ‘HELLO’ in a telephonic conversation is permitted in Islam. Someone has given a fatwā(it is a religious opinion concerning Islamic law issued by an Islamic scholar) on it rejected the previous scholars’ opinion on the matter. And the story doesn’t end there, the scholar went on the challenge their beliefs and education.

Frankly, I am amused every time I read some news like this I find it amusing. These (religious) scholars have nothing better to do then waste time of Muslims everywhere. It makes me wonder though, are Muslims around the world so dumb and innocent. I mean, the word ‘Hello’, its a simple greeting word commonly used in countries that speak English. But in Islam this word can decide your fate whether you are going to end up in heaven or hell. Why do we forget that Muslims are also born and living outside of South Asia and Middle East. Do we need a ‘fatwā’ permitting us the use of ‘Hello’ as a greeting? Islam is spread within all continents and not everyone speaks Arabic or Urdu.

Why don’t these scholars channel their thoughts to the more important matters which concern the future of Muslims on earth. I don’t know may be ‘Is it permitted to make your own sects in Islam? And take it so far as to make 72 of them’ or lets say ‘Can anyone be a Islamic scholar and force his way on the less knowing people?’. For God’s sake, nations (of various religions) are now planning manned missions to Mars and beyond and Muslims, as it turns out, didn’t even know if they could greet someone with a simple ‘HELLO’!.

I must say these (Islamic) scholars are less of a culprit than those who blindly follow them. Yes, us Muslims, we don’t pay attention to our values at all, we don’t give enough thought to these matters. We are made to think we know nothing about religion by the scholars and we buy in to their tricks. Religion to them (scholars) is a new industry where they make their living and pushing their congregation in darkness.

Until Muslims start paying attention to their (basic) religious education, I am afraid we will have many more religious dilemmas like the one discussed.


About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

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