Nation in peril





For the past 63 years, the people of Pakistan has seen a lot happening within the boundaries of their land. A nation, who fought two wars with its arch rivals,  lost its east side, fought for one super power against the other, public mandate getting ditched by dictators, getting looted by their own leaders, law enforcers and anyone who had some authority over the others.

Amazingly, this nation either don’t care or is unable to stand up for its rights, its beliefs and freedom. Though Pakistan became an independent state on 14th August 1947, its people are still enslaved by power mongers which include feudal landlords, corrupt bureaucracy, high ranking officials (in any Government department), politicized religious leaders and anyone with a gun. Since its freedom Pakistan has been struck by crisis after crisis and yet we as a nation have learned nothing.

The Chinese, our neighbors, had nothing to start with after 1960. But in 2010 they are the world’s second largest economy. Japanese were bombed into stoneage in 1945, yet till 2009 they were at the second spot in world’s economy. India (presumably got independence at the same time as Pakistan) is among the G20 nations. Where did Pakistan go wrong?

Truth be told, the founder of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a true visionary, the foundations he put for this country are the foundations of any developed country we see today. Sadly though, I believe his speech of 11th August 1947 should have had been the objective resolution for Pakistan. But after his death, things started taking a downturn for Jinnah’s vision.


The Political figures of Pakistan

Some leaders of Pakistan


The nation was led into darkness by its leaders and in between the dictators. Alliances were made and broken in interests of particular individuals. What’s worst is that this dismal system continues its ruthless trail and what is an average man doing about it? Nothing.

Corruption has gone deep into the nation, imagine for a moment, the most corrupt man on this planet is the current president of Pakistan. The ‘richest’ president among all presidents in the world. Why don’t the people of Pakistan (which is suppose to be a 3rd world country) find this fact as disturbing?

Currently Pakistan is a mess, economically, politically, religiously and socially and until and unless someone or ‘something’ breathes life into this ‘dead nation’, there will be no bright future for this nation in peril.

About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

2 Responses to Nation in peril

  1. baig says:

    a nice article.

  2. Tamse says:

    I pray for its nobel upturn.

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