Israel has the right to exist?

Before I start I must clarify that I am not an anti-Semite, Moses is equally Holy and noble to us Muslims as he is the Jews. This article is about some individuals who impose their radical ideas using their (so called) superior knowledge as a tool.

The people of Israel are unique, all the three major scriptures speak of them as the people whom God chose to guide and promised them victories. I don’t know about Torah but in many places within the Bible and the Quraa’n, there is mentioned that these people time and again went astray. Israelites have gone through many hardships over the past centuries, in Egypt, within the Holy land, to and fro from Babylon. Since the beginning, Israel has been at war with various nations, some of which has also been mentioned in the Holy scriptures.

In present times, Israel has continued on its traditions of making enemies with nations around it, thought this time the only one to blame for is the Israeli regime. Jews are sophisticated, honest and humble people. I personally have met and socialized with a lot. Even they despise the ways of the regime in Israel. There are just some individuals with their own interpretation of the scripture who are trying to impose their will (with use of power) upon majority.

Here is why the Israeli regime is viewed evil in the eyes of Jews, Muslims and even orthodox Christians.

There are though, some people in the Christian camp, who support this regime so as to hasten the second return of Jesus Christ followed by Armagedon. They think they are going to heaven after that.

They forget that God perishes those who are unjust with their fellow beings. Israel, since in control of Palestinian property, has been defying international laws, depriving people of basic necessities, committing crimes against humanity and using chemical weapons against its foes. Shockingly, the international community is mysteriously quiet on the crimes committed by the Israeli regime, but is quick to convict others of the same.

This continues with nuclear weapons too, Israel has nuclear weapons, but no one is allowed to say anything to the Israeli regime. On the other hand, Tehran constructed just one reactor and just about all the world turned against Iran. Is it justified? Can Israel have nuclear weapons and Iran don’t? Iran even let the IAEA inspectors in, to this day, no inspector has ever been allowed to inspect Israel’s nuclear facilities. How is that justified?

Famous leaders have been quoted saying “Israel has the right to exist”, with all due respect, so do others. Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Iraq they all have the right to exist don’t they? They co-operate with the UN, they don’t defy international laws, they even sit for negotiations and yet they are the ones who are threatened by the stubborn and heartless Israeli regime. Well if Israel have the right to exist, so does every other country in that region.


About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

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