It’s an Islamic Republic

A mosqueIslam has been around  for approximately 1440 years. Relatively younger to the other religions, it spread like wildfire in this short period of time (comparative to other religions), its a  religion that speaks of peace, order and brotherhood.

The prime examples of a peaceful, tolerant and orderly society are the colonies of Mecca and Medina during the time of the Prophet of Islam. That continued under the leadership of the Islamic Caliphs that followed the Prophet (after his death). After that we see one in Jerusalem when Saladin ruled it. Jews, Christians and Muslims lived within one boundary peacefully and secured.

Sadly, today the case is opposite. Today there are only few Islamic Republics where you can claim to be safe, very few. Being honest, people within the Islamic Republics today long to leave their countries and live in those where Islam is not forced on land. Be it Arabs, Indians (including Pakistanis and Bangladeshis), Africans or people from the Far East. This is due to the fact that social and moral values in all Islamic democracies are going down the hill. Monarchies are strong, people will live under a monarch regardless the state is Islamic or not. But if I dig into my scarce knowledge of religion, I believe monarchy isn’t allowed in Islam.

Today, looting, robberies, rapes, child labor, adulteration, less weighing, corruption, bribery, persecution of minorities ,killing and bombings are the order of business of an Islamic Republic. Every day, people lose either their hard earnings or their lives within one of these counties. Is this what Islam defines to be a country? Certainly no. Truth be told Islam is rarely or no where to be found in these countries. Religious sectors have become industrialists making religion their business and the people their clients.

Leaders of these countries don’t live among their people, rather they make their estates in the west and once they are done gathering money they take it all outside. Whereas the royalties (mostly of Arab countries) have all their investments abroad. While the west is investing in the Middle east (majorly in oil) these princes and princesses take that money and give them back to the west. No wonder a common man finds it hard to put together a small amount for his family, that is why regardless of his beliefs, the common man dearly wishes to flee from these countries, because its an Islamic Republic.


About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

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