Committed to its Nation

These past 69 days have been hell for the miners trapped miles below the earth’s surface. Just imagine for once, 69 days; in a dark room full of people and no way out. It is just mind boggling how did those 33 men survived down there. While the miners who survived in such discipline are praiseworthy; today history will be written as the people of Chile will rest after their continuous backbreaking efforts to pull of an astonishing rescue.

For the past 69 days, rescue teams, social workers, political figures and other important personalities have been visiting there asking their miners to hang in there. Amazing enough, this rescue is celebrated like a national day within the country, and why shouldn’t they! Chileans deserve this. As the 33 miners were losing hope to live, the entire nation stood with them.

The Chilean President lead his nation from the front, he gave a lot of his time monitoring the rescue efforts on daily basis. These are the live examples for the whole world, how leaders can steer their nation with them and bring them on top of the world. These are the leaders who are committed to their nation.

About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

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