Enemies of the state

it has been 63 years, since Pakistan was acknowledged as an independent state. It has been a long journey with sacrifices and test of patience for those who migrated from their homes (in India) to start a new life in this newly formed state. Sadly enough, life hasn’t been a bed of roses since then either (for the majority). There are many reasons that are the obvious cause for that as I have mentioned them in my previous blogs about the issues in Pakistan.




Today, I will focus on one of the major issue that hasn’t allowed Pakistan to move forward, be it economically, socially, democratically or influentially. The people of Pakistan are proud, hard-working, strong-willed and welcoming, yet at the same time they are also emotional, ignorant, violent and in many cases corrupt. The major issue of Pakistani people is not its government but the people themselves. In the past 63 years, while other nations have grown more sober and sophisticated, Pakistanis have gone the other way.

What Pakistanis don’t think is that these little things (of soberness, sophistication and civilization), if not practiced, hurt the national interests more than anything. Lets take protests in Pakistan as an example. True they are led by a leader  (or a political figure on most occasions), but there is no code of conduct at all for protests in Pakistan. Protests happen in other countries too which show authority of people or groups who are protesting, but in Pakistan protests are another form of chaos. Other nations express grief by standing and staying quiet for two minutes and pray for the soul of the deceased, while Pakistanis protest the same incident by burning properties of their own fellow countrymen.

Pakistani protests

What Pakistanis don’t understand is that they are damaging their own country, making other Pakistanis suffer, putting other families in loss and hurting their own countrymen. Is this civilized? Will this help the deceased? This makes the everyday average man feel like cursing the deceased out loud, then why do such act which will hurt the soul of the deceased.

Pakistanis protest on other issues too and they protest in different forms as well. Rallies, strikes, public processions, hunger strike, picketing, blockading etc. While they protest, in their cities, there is no business, no trade, no public transport and no daily life. This is hurting Pakistan badly, more regrettably, it is hurting the lower-middle and the lower class whom are mostly on daily wages. How can one be a part of such activity knowing that within his or her city, some one or some family will go to bed hungry. Is this the concept of an Islamic Republic? Is he or she a Muslim (or remotely associated to any religion)? Most important question is that the person who is involved in such protests really a human being?

These protests (which have become frequent lately) have teared Pakistan apart. While the world is now engulfed in an economic war, nations advancing over one another in technology, transforming the ways of living for their people, Pakistan and its people are totally unaware of it. Because let’s be honest, we do not have any economy to begin with.

It is said that Pakistan have enemies who abhor Pakistan’s existence. I believe Pakistan is not in much of the treat from those outside its borders, but the ones inside are the most dangerous and are hurting Pakistan’s essence on daily basis. Pakistan, a nation who is its own enemy.

About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

5 Responses to Enemies of the state

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  4. I-Write says:

    I disagree with you. I think history shows that the people of pakistan have been victimize by “reforms” above. for a big part of the 20th century, anti-violence was taking root in pakistan as I argue here: http://costofwar.wordpress.com/ but the pakistani government put those leaders into jail. similar with islamist extremism. the islamic parties never won more than 11% of the vote in pakistan. however, extremist laws was imposed on people top down.

    • dinopak says:

      While I agree with you on the matter. What I am focusing on in my post is the way of protesting. Elsewhere around the ‘civilized’ world, protests happen without having an affect on the economy. I am trying to convey the feelings of a person who works in Pakistan on daily wages.

      Strikes, processions etc. they aren’t for that person. He needs to earn yet every day there is either a black day or a strike. And the News is “Shops and business avenues were closed due to protest of ….”. Isn’t there any way to solve this. Isn’t there any way we can protest without cutting the wages of a common man?

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