Burnt and bloody: Karachi

Another sad incident in Karachi, the day ended claiming 29 lives, left many injuries and dreadful scenes at ‘Shershah’. Once again, Karachi has become a battlefield for a common man, the political parties and the gangs that terrorize the city. The government has failed (yet again) to bring order to the city which drives the economy of the country. Residents of Karachi are engulfed with fear and insecurity.

Karachi has been covered in blood for the past few years. Everyday killings, bombings and political confrontation has effected everyday life in the city which in turn has a cataclysmic effect as  I have discussed in my previous article. More grieving is the fact that law enforcement agencies have deteriorated in the city, crimes happen in broad daylight, corpses and killings are now a norm.

When is this going to stop? What are the (so-called) people’s representatives doing?. I guess we will never know. May be we will learn what to do if one of us (God forbid) is hit by this

About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

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