Another ‘Islamist’

Another disgraceful day for Muslims around the world. A shameful act, done with no other intent than to put down Muslims across the world. Zachary Adam Chesser, 20, has pleaded guilty to supporting a Somali Islamist militant group and encouraging attacks on the writers of cartoon show South Park.

It is true that Muslims around the world are outraged but is this the way to take it out. No where it is allowed in Islam to kill someone just to feed your rage. The Prophet of Islam (whom this guy was ‘avenging’) set an example in for us in his lifetime. The renowned story of an old lady, who used to throw trash over the Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him).

Clearly it was an act of blasphemy, but analyze closely the behavior of the Holy Prophet. He willingly, go there at exactly that time where that old woman can throw trash on him, so that the woman don’t have to wait long in the hot climate of Arabia. One day the lady wasn’t there, the Holy Prophet went to her house and inquired about her health. The old lady was so moved by his gesture, she embraced Islam.

Do Muslims these days possess such temperament? Are those even eligible to be called Muslims who take up arms on such issues? Is it not a duty of the Muslim to follow the footsteps of their leader, the founder of Islam? What message are we sending out there? That we are short-tempered, outraged and highly emotional.

Muslims, as a nation, have lost their way and unless they go back to tracking the footsteps of the Holy Prophet and the teachings of Islam, they will be ridiculed, humiliated and dishonored for the rest of their lives.


About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

3 Responses to Another ‘Islamist’

  1. Amen, Kenny. Hasan, I loved that story about the woman and the Prophet. Is this in the Quran? Where can I find it?

    • Hasan says:

      Christian, the story isn’t quoted in the Qura’an, it is recorded in the traditions I will get the reference for you, the story goes like this:

      Everyday, before the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) left his house to go to the mosque, this elderly woman would throw trash on him out of disrespect and because she didn’t like his preaching (as it was against her Gods).

      One day, the Prophet Muhammad went past her house and he noticed the lady wasn’t there, he asked her neighbors if she is alright, the neighbors told him she was ill, so he went and visited her. When this elderly lady first saw the Prophet , she was scared, because she knew what she had been doing.

      She asked why he had come. The Prophet responded by saying that he knew that everyday she would throw garbage, and today she wasn’t present, so he came to know about her sickness, therefore he came to visit. This response of the Prophet softened the heart of this non-muslim lady and she was she embraced Islam.

  2. Kenny Allen says:

    I must say, as a former Catholic based Christian, that I felt that my religion had betrayed its original intent. So many mortal men have preached their own interpretation of their holy scripture, many times as a means to their own ends, seemingly. I agree with what you’ve said here, as far as how Islam is tainted by Zealots acting outside of the path. I only wish that more of the peaceful Muslims would speak out against those who make them look so bad. Likewise, I would like to see all religions do the same and understand that there will never be a time that everyone will share one faith or belief.

    Peace is the answer. It is NOT impossible. IT IS A MUST…

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