Gazing at the edge of the Universe

Astronomers recently managed to look at the edge of the universe. It is a special moment in the history of the universe, because the light which have been spotted is claimed to travel for 13 billion years. It is when the universe was just about a billion years old. Quite a breakthrough!

While human kind across the world celebrates this remarkable event, Pakistanis are celebrating the ruling of judiciary over the 18th Amendment. To be fair to the people of Pakistan, many of them don’t even know what a light year is. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they think Earth is the center of this universe. That’s not their immediate problem though. People effected by the flood haven’t been rehabilitated yet, infrastructure across the country is devastated, blood rivers are flowing across the landscape of Pakistan and corruption continues as per tradition and there is no power and will to control this. Political leaders as usual are in a blame game, once again leading the nation into the darkness of ignorance, intolerance and rage.

The world has reached the edge of this Universe and it seems like Pakistan has gone back in time to the age where ‘civilization’ was just a concept.


About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

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