Heaven of the ignorant

Earlier this month a terrible suicide attack was carried out in Karachi Pakistan killing many individuals and left others in a deep trauma. Their only mistake was that they were visiting the shrine when these ignorant monsters decided to blow themselves up in the middle of a crowded place.  This incident created a new wave of fear and anxiety among the peaceful citizens of Karachi.

Militants“What causes a someone to go as far as to blow himself up, end his life just for the purpose of killing some innocent souls?” This question arises in many rational minds after reading or hearing news of such incident. I read an article on BBC News which was a story of one of the young boys who were held back and taken into custody before ‘blowing himself up’.

Abdus Salam, a young kid who hasn’t hit puberty yet, was ‘brainwashed’ to an extent that his immature mind was unable to think of something else. The stories or ‘motivational speeches’ used to convince this kid to do this horrible act are in a class of their own. He is promised heaven after he has committed the most horrible act. In his tiny mind, the kid is so confident about it that he can’t even think of anything else.

Though those brainwashing these innocent souls are clearly barbarians, there are some aspects of society and environment which make it easy for these morons to captivate the imagination of an innocent child such as Abdus Salam. In an Islamic society especially in Pakistan, young men and women, when they are growing up are told time and again by the elders that God (Allah) gets angry and punishes every small mistake, God is fierce, God’s wrath is unmatched, just to gain control over children. Children tend to be mischievous and adventurous but, they are constantly filled with only frightening version of God, why?

This is then abused by the radicals, who recruit these kids to fulfill their own agenda. Their job is made easier, the kid is afraid to face God and he doesn’t want to go to hell. Hence, the only way for the poor kid (according to his own limited intellect) is to sacrifice himself and enter the gates of heaven. Sadly enough, most of these kids haven’t even read and understood the Holy scripture.

What their guardians don’t tell them is that the omnipotent and almighty God is also the most loving and caring existence in the entire universe. He loves his creation more than a mother of a child. He is all forgiving, kind and most just of all. Ironically, this is what we keep from the young minds, consequently, rather been drawn towards God, the young mind tries to repel it and goes to an extent where his own life is of no value to him. We collectively can stop our next generation from playing into the hands of these (so called Islamist) interest groups who have nothing to do with Islam, by preaching them the truth about the Almighty. Otherwise they will be among those, who start out in search of heaven but the only heaven they end up in is the one of the ignorant.

About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

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