Pakistanis deserve it

It has been more than two and a half years since ‘Zardari regime’ was elected to administer Pakistan, it is no surprise that Pakistani economy has been completely ruined within that time. While the nation is getting poorer every passing day, the leaders are getting richer and richer. Governance is wrecked, accountability is deficient and law isn’t observed anymore. All this is happening while the nation hasn’t fully recovered from the devastating flood.

It is not completely the fault of our leaders though, they are doing their part by looting the treasures and blessing their closed ones. This nation is more responsible for its own misery. People of Pakistan are completely insensitive and ignorant. The ignorance comes partly from illiteracy, more than half of the population in Pakistan are illiterate. That in turn gives rise to corruption. Even the smallest office clerk now works on bribes, adulteration is wide-spread, nothing is fresh not even air and fake medicine is sold openly around the country. Most worryingly, this nation is growing inconsiderate of what is happening around them.

Just yesterday I got a chance to hear one of the ‘upcoming’ politicians from Sindh, I was shocked to see her confidence. With such bravery she was ‘trying to convince’ the anchor about the appointments in provincial assembly by the government.

It is very shocking to see that the government is still in tact after such acts came to light. The story doesn’t end here, PIA, Pak Steel and many more public industries owned by the government have the same stories while the people of Pakistan say they are being wronged. Why shouldn’t they be?

Aren’t they the ones who brought these clowns in the first place? now they complain? Pakistanis totally deserve to be lead by a leader who encompasses all the values the nation bears. Corrupt, feudal, ignorant and illiterate. How ironic is it that the President of Pakistan contains all the qualities which are found in the nation.

Until and unless Pakistanis can turn their fate, by embracing honesty and practicing their moral values in their daily life, they deserve to have leaders the likes of which they have now.

About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

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