Country for the rich

If you are rich, you must have had dreams about a place where you just sit, relax and do nothing and see your money grow. Where you are exempted from taxes you can buy the law and get your work done swiftly. It might have been a fantasy in ancient times, but luckily, for all you rich folks out there, now you have a place where all your dreams can come true.

This is the piece of land you are looking for. It is called ‘Pakistan’ which in simple English means ‘a clean land’, which I am sure isn’t true for much of the land but rest assured your money is safe and sound. Here you can throw trash anywhere you please, you can speed as much as you want. You can kill people, you can subdue them and also you can take people in as your slaves too. How amazing is that!

A word of caution though, sometimes you might be troubled by people disguised as law enforcement but it is very easy to bypass them. If by chance, a case is filed against you in any court of Pakistan, be assured that there will be no consequences due to the fact that courts are already littered with a million pending cases, some of which go back to ‘the start of civilization’. The people here are very giving and generous, you can take anything you want from them, in fact they beg you to take from them and they will put you on their shoulders, make you their leader (or master if you know what I mean). Security is never a problem if you are rich as Pakistanis will protect you with their lives. You don’t need any pets when you have them at your side.

So come to Pakistan, start your dream vacations, get richer and fulfill your dreams. It’s a country meant ONLY FOR THE RICH.

CAUTION: Pests such as ‘Taliban’ show up occasionally, to avoid them, you can have a house is Defence or any other expensive place and your security will be guaranteed.


About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

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