Obama’s visit to India

Seeking to boost his country’s economy, the President of United states is visiting India these days where they will discuss mutual interests, try to increase trade volumes and their place in international politics. The President has ensured his support for the country and the people, the business and Indian culture.

While Pakistan is criticizing Obama’s visit to India, asking for a moral view in an international perspective and not base anything on politics, Obama continues to back India even more firmly, guaranteeing his backing for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security council for India. Pakistan meanwhile, is getting pressurized again to ‘do more’. Obama’s cautious behaviour on the Kashmir issue is notable when he claims that ‘United States cannot “impose” any solution’.

The way I see it, United States have greater interest in India because it has a stable democracy and its tensions with China. Pakistan should know that interests change with time, unfortunately Pakistan isn’t prepared for any change of international proportions. It can be seen clearly when both President Obama and Prime Minister Singh talk about the ‘terror machine’ that is active for some time within Pakistani borders and Pakistan is unable to control it.

It is a shameful moment for Pakistan that those who were once friends, who ‘used’ Pakistan against other nations are now ignoring Pakistan completely. This should be a hint of what Pakistan has achieved within these years of its existence, it should be a warning that if we don’t correct ourselves, we might be totally forgotten in the coming future.


About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

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