Islam: Religion of Peace (Part 2)

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The founder of Islam is a great example of tolerance and order keeper. Many incidents in his life, his actions and reactions (also recorded in traditions) displayed kindness and concern for human kind. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) was so kind and anxious for his people and prayed for them even though they believed in so many gods that it is beyond our imagination.

The famous incident that took place in the valley of Ta’if, is a prime example of patience and forgiveness taught by Islam. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) went to Ta’if to spread the word of Islam. He spoke with the leaders, but they rejected his call. He then turned to the people to give them the glad tidings of Islam, but this angered the leaders, and they ordered the children to throw rocks at Muhammad as he was leaving.  The people stoned him so badly that blood covered his entire body and his shoes were literally filled with his blood. According to traditions, after he was able to escape their persecution, he made a heartfelt supplication to God. In response, the Angel Gabriel came to Muhammad with the Angel of the Mountains.

Gabriel told him that God sent this angel with him so that if he wanted, the angel would crush the town between the two surrounding mountains. The Prophet, in his great patience, replied not with violence but with the statement:

“O Allah[God], guide these people, because they did not know what they were doing.”

A decade later, the people of Taif embrace Islam. This is one great example (of many) of a great man who literally rejected revenge and destruction upon human kind. It was the anxiety in him for kindness and for humanity. He never said that he was going to compel them into belief by use of the sword but in fact refrained from any malediction or uttering any curse that an evil befalls his enemy.

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4 Responses to Islam: Religion of Peace (Part 2)

  1. Md Nisat Ali. says:

    plz.give the imege

    • Hasan says:

      Of what?

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