The blasphemic exploitations of Muslim clergy must be stopped

The Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) once said:

“There will be a decline in religious faith and nothing would be left of Islam except its name and nothing would be left of the Holy Qura’an except its text. Mosques though full of worshipers will be empty of guidance. The religious scholars will be the worst creation under the canopy of Heaven”.

(Mishkat-ul Masabih, p.88 & Kanaz-ul Ummal, vol.6 p.43).

It is true, today Muslim clerics are the worst creation on the face of earth. Their interpretation of Islam has completely mutilated the face of what should be a humanitarian and peaceful religion. The recent blasphemy row is an example, which shows what heights of stupidity and ignorance can be achieved by such (so-called) holy men. Blasphemy is just one example, the Muslim clergy has brought in so many distortions and misinterpretations, it is virtually impossible for an average Muslim to practice his/her religion.

The sole purpose of these deformities is to gain political power. Since religion first came to the Israelites, it has been exploited, and used as a tool for the interests of a certain individual or a group. Among other religions, the Church of medieval times is a prime example. Christianity has come a long way and made various changes in its doctrine to adhere the changes of the modern political system.

While Islam was destined to be a consistent religion, over time changes were introduced by different scholars, to gain superiority over other Muslims going so far as to dubbing them apostates and liable to be killed. Their illiterate congregation follows their lead. The demolition of Islam is imminent if Muslims continue to be influenced by these (so-called holy) men. It is these clerics who are blaspheming against the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and Islam. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prophesied about these clerics:

“A time will come when religious scholars will be the worst creatures on earth, evil will erupt from them, and it will return back in them”

About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

4 Responses to The blasphemic exploitations of Muslim clergy must be stopped

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  3. Deep Sarkar says:

    The Muslim clerics may be putting forward a distorted view but he is not pointing a gun to force the general public.Why should the cleric be faulted? Are the public not supposed to have any sense? Why do Muslims have this genetic defect of blaming everyone/everything else for their own faults?

    • Hasan says:

      You are right, that is what I have been writing about. Muslims are completely ignorant about their faith and beliefs and follow the clergy blindly. The major reason for their ignorance is illiteracy, hence the lack of knowledge.

      That is one purpose of my blog here, to educate (those who can atleast read) about what we really believe in and not let the clergy take advantage of anyone

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