What “Mullah” want

Yesterday’s tragic incident, is nothing but a slap to the face of the nation. It wasn’t just a murder of a man, it was a murder of moral values given to us by Islam. It is not just the funeral of Shahbaz Bhatti, it is the funeral of Islamic principles, torn apart by the nation which claims to be the caretaker of this great religion. Every human, irrespective of their religion (except for many in Pakistan) has condemned this gruesome act of brutality. However, yet again, the clergy is quiet, none has come forward and condemned this heinous crime. Why? Because the killing machine called ‘Tehreek-e-Taaliban Pakistan” claims this murder in the name of the infamous, controversial blasphemy law.

I know, it came as a shock to me too. Not that the clergy failed condemn this act, but the fact that the atrocious Taliban are actually standing up for “rule of law”? There is a catch to this, they ONLY want to defend the blasphemy clauses while they are happy to break every other law in this country. All of a sudden, constitution is very important to them. Where is the mullah now? Are you happy ‘maulvi sahab’? Isn’t this what you really want? What else do we need to prove that this law is nothing but shame and misery towards Pakistan and the nation.

It is time to repeal this law once and for all, it has already claimed lives of many innocent people and have brought misery to others. Those who speak for it cannot bring forth a single piece of evidence neither from Holy Scriptures, nor from history. The facts they put forward are distorted and disgraceful, which have been proven over and over again. Yet the nation is unable to see through their disguise of ‘Holy men’, what deceiving and hypocritical beings they are.

Even if this incident doesn’t open our nation’s eyes, then I am afraid no Messiah is going to come for them. Pakistanis should understand the fact that these self-proclaimed religious scholars and these extremists, jihadist, ignorant and blood thirsty butchers (call them Al-Qaeda or Taliban) are one and the same. They have already hijacked our peaceful religion Islam and are using our beliefs against us, they want to rule the nation with fear and ignorance, that is what the Mullah want.

The worst creatures



About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

2 Responses to What “Mullah” want

  1. ibnekhattana says:

    so according to you all of our clergy is wrong ,
    what I believe is , what ever happened with our minority minister was a sad incident which is taking place on daily bases with everyone.

    I never understand what Liberal wants ?
    moreover for you blasphemy law is conversational or black law for me it is not . but killing anyone for his / her views is not acceptable .

    Although we have difference of opinion but we are Pakistanis.

    I respect your thoughts and you have the right to express them & I want to enjoy the same right .

    • Hasan says:

      I do understand there are many Liberals in the country, just to clarify I am not one. Besides, even if there are liberals, what is the harm in their demands? They didn’t ask to legalize homosexual marriages? They didn’t even ask to legalize alcohol or prostitution!

      It might seem I am a ‘liberal’, but the fact is I am only against these clergymen who ‘use’ religion as means of politics. I really don’t care about politics, but I will fight for my religion, which is being misinterpreted, misrepresented and maligned by these very groups (including the militants).

      The blasphemy law was the achievement of these ‘political’ groups to enforce their will on minorities (at that time, they used it against the Ahmadis). I merely ask ANY Muslim (who is in favor of this) to provide any Qura’anic verse or a historical reference to support these laws. If you can please do.

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