Victims of negligence [Associate Engineer selling Pakoras]

Earlier this week, a friend of mine shared the following video with me, after watching it, I had mixed emotions. I felt very happy yet extremely grieved, here is that video

I was sad that yet another talent is going to waste on the streets of my beloved country, I was angry at Sheikh Rasheed, who rather than do effort to get the guy a decent job, sit there claiming there are a lot of people like him in Pakistan. Is this why the youth gets education for? Other countries do not let go of their skilled labor easily, then there is Pakistan, where all those years of study and effort, a guy like him have to resort to do ‘something’ to make ends meet. The dreams of his mother can be seen washed away by her tears.

It is a sad situation but, there was a very powerful and strong message in this clip, the fact that though this guy was down and nearly out, he didn’t opt for the criminal path, rather than the honest way of living. People like these easily fall victim to the ‘jihadists’ and ‘terrorist’ networks, where they are used for all sorts of gruesome activities.

It is people like these, despite of being deprived of their rights, they strive to make this world a better place.


About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

6 Responses to Victims of negligence [Associate Engineer selling Pakoras]

  1. this was so touching!!!! great share, very thought provoking!

    • Hasan says:

      If only our fellow countrymen would understand the dignity and respect of Halal earnings and honesty.

  2. hassan says:

    i visited your blog after seeing your comments in Tribune.

    Your blog is terrific, and keep up the good work ! I am your fan now !!

    • Hasan says:

      Thank you Hassan, my motive is to educate the less enlightened Muslims and tell them what our religion asks us to do. By all means it is not an imposition, it is just the way I understand religion and makes sense to me.

  3. Tahir Majeed says:

    can anyone give me his address. someone of my known personality is willing to find a job for him. reply me on my email

    • Hasan says:

      They gave his location, He sells pakoras right outside of Lal haveli of Sheikh Rasheed.

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