The ‘only’ way out for Muslims (especially for Pakistani Muslims)

On a tribune blog post I was asked a question:

how do you think ‘taking up religion’ will help our cause when Muslims themselves remain divided on so many aspects of Islam? How does one ‘take up religion’?

here is my response, which I think is the main issue in all of this

The reason ‘Muslims’ stand divided today is because they have left others to decide their religion. For instance, since when did the ‘clergy’ have the power to dub anyone ‘non-Muslim’? They do it and the rest follow blindly. I can give many examples.

What is causing this ‘radicalization’? Why are these who call themselves Muslims hell-bent on taking innocent lives? Even the educated fail to take up issues with the clergy when it comes to belief. For instance, how can you ask a young Muslim man not to wage Jihad? or ask a cleric to stop preaching about it? My question is what according to you is educated and literate?

General Zia, in his ruling period, formed a team of elite ‘scientists’ who were sent to research how to harness the power of djinns. Measure the temperature of hell, find the speed of heaven. Should they be considered literate? Now the other side of the story, a simple man from Jhang, who was educated in this country, goes on to win the Nobel prize in Physics for his famous electro-weak theory (which I doubt many Pakistanis know about) and he is dubbed infidel and thrown out of the country. Why? because he said he found this enlightenment from the Holy Qura’an. Should I consider him illiterate? I am ofcourse talking about Professor Dr. Abdus Salam.

The messed up religious views have created another level of illiterate, they are known as the educated illiterate. Our armed forces personnel are provided with education on science and technology, even they cannot stop this ‘radicalization’ from infiltrating their ranks. Whether you agree or not, even education will not be able to fix this radicalization. I say that because we have examples of ‘western educated’ Muslims turning into radicals. An investigative report suggests that even at this moment this radicalization have penetrated into our Universities.

We have to take up religion personally, take interest, be curious about it. It is not merely fairy tales (like we are made to believe by the clergy), it is the ONLY way out of this.

About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

One Response to The ‘only’ way out for Muslims (especially for Pakistani Muslims)

  1. Khalid says:

    Radical, fundamentalist or Jehadist muslim. What does it mean? I believe everyone has to be a fundamentalist if they are true to the One God. It is radical to believe that there is no God but God. Jehad(the Greater Jehad) or the struggle for purification is the duty of every human being on earth be they muslim, christian or hindu. The problem seems to be interpreting the Quran literally and partially vs wholly and spiritually. We have to go by the spirit of Islam which is timeless and not get carried away by the letter which can be incidental and illustrative only. For those who understand the spirit, Islam is the message of the liberation of mankind. It allows mankind to fully unleash their potential and each individual to define his unique identity. It is not slavish subscription to ritual but seeking paths to truly become the viceroys of God on earth. Misunderstanding Islam seems to be a case of a little knowledge being dangerous. Can we plead to all humankind particularly to muslims to discover the spirit of Islam and do justice to it instead of defaming it and making themselves synonymous with obscurantism and backwardness. Muslims have a duty to be in the forefront of knowledge and progress. They must show the path forward to all of humanity and the Almighty has equipped them for it but only those who understand!

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