Song of heaven (educated illiterates)

Many of my friends whom ‘recently found their faith’ shared the following video with me (my comments are followed by this video):

This is the famous Tariq Jameel. The very well-known cleric for his ‘magical’ guidance. He allegedly converted Junaid Jamshed, who was a musician prior to meeting this man. This man has influenced many Muslims all over the world, they are impressed by the sheer volume of knowledge (or fairy tales) this guy have. In this video he addressing the ‘educated’ youth of Punjab.

While they were bathing in the spiritual pool of faith (in their imaginations) I was shocked when I heard the claims of this ‘priest’. Listen to the hall uttering ‘SubhanAllah’ (God is great) as if what he spoke was from Qura’an or Hadith. Tariq Jameel claims that those who don’t listen to music in this world will be eligible to listen to the song of heaven, the song of David and get to view God. It was as if this was revealed to him directly from God.

Utter nonsense, I did not find any of his claims in any holy books, or even in the references of the clerics of the past. While I was wondering where he got his references, I found myself confronted by my ‘newly faith fond’ friends, who dubbed me as an infidel for asking about the references from either the Qura’an or hadith. The argument they put forward was that this man (Tariq Jameel) have knowledge parallel to none. I merely wanted to know his source of ‘wisdom’.

Such is the menace of the creature called ‘Mullah’. Even as of today, no one has gone forward to challenge this man on his claims and I am sure no one will ever do that in the future. Until we have people present in our society who follow these self-proclaimed clerics blindly, even God wouldn’t save us from their menace.

About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

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