Smoker’s Corner: The caliph dream

Young educated Pakistanis are struggling to find practical political, social and economic examples of the faith-driven Utopia that they were told Pakistan was to be, writes NFP.

via Smoker’s Corner: The caliph dream.


Evidence of ignorance of Pakistani Muslims

I have been writing about how ignorant the Muslims (especially Muslims of the sub-continent) are. A couple of days ago I saw this program and it jolted me to my very core. It was Front Line with Kamran Shahid recorded on 10th of August 2011. It was as if I was living the period of ignorance (in Arabia) before the advent of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The strangest fact in all this is that, none of the ‘Ulema authority’ (the Jamias or Madrassas or even the Shariat court) condemned this act and as the bureau chief of the locality told, lots of others are involved in these acts while the society lets them do it quietly. The people of Pakistan must wake up and study their religion for their own sake and well being. Otherwise, even a Messiah wouldn’t be able to help them.

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