The distribution of hate

Social MediaSocial media, over the years have become (somewhat) integral in our lives. Hence, it was a matter of time before our emotions became digital too. Social media provides means of mass information sharing, here a message can reach millions in mere seconds, it is playing a vital role in shaping point of views of people who are linked with social media.

Of all the social media portals, facebook have been in focus for spreading hatred and religious bias, while it is also responsible (some say) for bringing the uprising in the Arab countries. Last year, facebook was under heavy criticism from the Muslims for an event that called for the people to depict the Prophet (pbuh). Many people left facebook, some deactivated their accounts and it was banned in certain countries (for a certain time). Many users protested over facebook, and shared an ‘anti-depiction event’ on their facebook walls and with friends. The same thing (with a twist) is going on again, some ignorant has made a page which is defaming the holy places of Muslims and Muslims are spreading the ‘anti cause’ everywhere on facebook, demanding the page to be removed.

While I do not judge the intensity of anyone’s faith and love for their religion, I think these ‘religious e-warriors’ fail to understand that they are the prime bearer of the message the ‘anti-Islamic entity’ wants to send out. Many of the Muslim users were unaware of this ‘anti-Islamic page’  until one of their deeply Muslim friend shared the message of protest and invitation to join the cause with them (same was the case with the previous anti-Islamic facebook event). If the few Muslims who saw this earlier would have had succeeded in ignoring it, they would have stopped this menace from spreading in the first place.

I am yet to see any of my non-Muslim friends spreading that anti-Islamic agenda for which our Muslim friends are protesting and asking other Muslims to join in. These people who are spreading this protest fail to understand that by spreading this protest, they are actually bringing more attention to an otherwise stupid, baseless, lame and an ignorant facebook stunt, directed towards enraging Muslims and mess with their emotions. By sharing the ‘Islamic cause’ is more of a damage rather than service to Islam.

The problem with Muslims (specially those who are familiar with the use of internet), in my opinion, is that they fail to ignore things which are insignificant and successfully ignore something thing which can help them stand united against these menaces which pop up every once in a while. The only way one can fight such menace is by ignoring its existence. It is not hurting Islam in any way, nor it will hurt us if we ignore it. But if Muslims keep spreading the word about it, then it is we who are helping this otherwise insignificant menace, to spread across the medium.

P.S: The purpose of writing this post is not to spread this menace (since it has already spread on facebook), rather ask my fellow Muslims to stop falling for this scam again and again.

Outraged over Veena Malik?

Veena MalikVeena Malik (the Pakistani actress) is in the news, once again for controversial reasons. According to the story, the actress posed in the nude for a photo shoot for an Indian magazine. As usual, many Pakistani’s have denounced her act and started labeling her infidel, anti-Pakistan, liberal extremist etcetera. To top it off, her shots contain the letters ISI (which is the central intelligence agency of Pakistan) tattooed to her arm. The news have spread like wildfire (among the Pakistani’s at-least) which has sparked a series of tweets and blogs on the internet and news stories emerging with the headline, ‘Pakistani’s outraged over nude photo’.

The outrage is due to the fact she is a representative of Pakistan (which by the way is a [so-called] Islamic Nation). It baffles me how people call her a ‘Pakistani representative’ while her actions are clearly targeted to gain fame for herself and get casted for a Bollywood film. This is not the first time she is in the news for such reasons, her performance in the Indian reality show ‘Big Boss’ stirred quite a controversy. While the liberals defended her, the conservatives bashed her with ‘fatwas’ and labels.

In all of this, I fail to understand the anger of Pakistani people. It is as if everything  is fine in our country and the people are living in a peaceful and civil manner, there is no injustice and everyone is secure. Is that the case? I am afraid not so. Once again the people of Pakistan are showing hypocrisy on matters that should otherwise be ignored. They dub the act of this infamous actress as unIslamic, while in the very heart of Lahore (the cultural hub of Pakistan), brothels exist under the shadow of the most prestigious [Badshahi] mosque in Pakistan. Why doesn’t that trigger outrage? In the very same country, women are paraded naked through the streets and the incident fails to be noticed by those eager to show off their love for Pakistan and Islam. This is the country where child rape happens every other day, but all that makes Pakistani’s angry is an actress posing for nude in an Indian magazine.

In the light of the cases I mentioned above and the fact that many incidents go unreported in our ‘Islamic Republic’, I wonder if it is Veena Malik bringing shame to the nation or something else.

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