Outraged over Veena Malik?

Veena MalikVeena Malik (the Pakistani actress) is in the news, once again for controversial reasons. According to the story, the actress posed in the nude for a photo shoot for an Indian magazine. As usual, many Pakistani’s have denounced her act and started labeling her infidel, anti-Pakistan, liberal extremist etcetera. To top it off, her shots contain the letters ISI (which is the central intelligence agency of Pakistan) tattooed to her arm. The news have spread like wildfire (among the Pakistani’s at-least) which has sparked a series of tweets and blogs on the internet and news stories emerging with the headline, ‘Pakistani’s outraged over nude photo’.

The outrage is due to the fact she is a representative of Pakistan (which by the way is a [so-called] Islamic Nation). It baffles me how people call her a ‘Pakistani representative’ while her actions are clearly targeted to gain fame for herself and get casted for a Bollywood film. This is not the first time she is in the news for such reasons, her performance in the Indian reality show ‘Big Boss’ stirred quite a controversy. While the liberals defended her, the conservatives bashed her with ‘fatwas’ and labels.

In all of this, I fail to understand the anger of Pakistani people. It is as if everything  is fine in our country and the people are living in a peaceful and civil manner, there is no injustice and everyone is secure. Is that the case? I am afraid not so. Once again the people of Pakistan are showing hypocrisy on matters that should otherwise be ignored. They dub the act of this infamous actress as unIslamic, while in the very heart of Lahore (the cultural hub of Pakistan), brothels exist under the shadow of the most prestigious [Badshahi] mosque in Pakistan. Why doesn’t that trigger outrage? In the very same country, women are paraded naked through the streets and the incident fails to be noticed by those eager to show off their love for Pakistan and Islam. This is the country where child rape happens every other day, but all that makes Pakistani’s angry is an actress posing for nude in an Indian magazine.

In the light of the cases I mentioned above and the fact that many incidents go unreported in our ‘Islamic Republic’, I wonder if it is Veena Malik bringing shame to the nation or something else.

About Hasan
A Muslim with a slightly different perspective. A student of history, theology and science.

3 Responses to Outraged over Veena Malik?

  1. didn’t veena malik state something to the affect that since she is an actress she should be afforded extra respect? please can someone confirm that? if that is true, and you can provide reference to that, i have something else to say.

  2. demonsking19 says:

    i do accept that the whole nation is currupt , but the only reason i hate veena malik is that instead of accpeting her faults she starts blaming other people and never felt sorry for what she had done, she is a bitch , and i do accept that we are living in the country so called ” islamic republic of Pakistan “

  3. taimurwali says:

    hamrii vena malik nh sudray ge 😛

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