A Letter to Mr.Gabriel Groisman

Ocotber 14th, 2016

To who it may concern.

RE: Re: Call to Action Regarding Libelous UNESCO Jerusalem Resolution

Dear Mr. Gabriel Groisman,

I read your letter to congress condemning UNESCO’s action on Resolution 200 EX/25, which admits as a fact that Israel (the occupying power) is planning a construction on or around what is considered as a historic site. Sure King Solomon did build a temple there (which was destroyed twice by the way being resurrected once again) and your claim that the site was the ‘location of the “foundation stone” upon which the world was created’ is far-fetched (there’s no scientific evidence to prove that).

Obviously the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa mosque were built on what you refer to as ‘remnants of the Jewish temples’, but please be clear that these structures are not the reason the Original and the Second temple were demolished. With all due respect, I will challenge your remark that “It’s identity with the site of Solomon’s [Jewish] Temple is beyond dispute”.

While the temples’ place in history is certainly undisputed, the fact that they did not survive till now, in all honesty, is a disappointment. With all the myths and legends attached with the Original and Second Temple, I am sure it would have been a marvel to explore. But sadly it is not the case. Fact of the matter is, what you are trying to imply is, just because there stood a Jewish temple once, the site should ‘identified’ with Jews.

According to your logic, the ‘ground’ should be identified with a historical people that may or may not have built a structure there, which is completely dumb founded. This will mean that the United States of America should be identified by the indigenous people (the Native Americans) who at one point in history were the occupants of the land where the famous US government buildings exist today. Is that the case? I don’t think so. The fact that Al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the rock both stand to this day is why people identify it with the Muslims.

And by the way, Jews weren’t the ‘first’ people to build a temple there as I am sure that site may have been home to some other travelers or tribes before the Jewish people came to that site. Jews were ‘not the only people’ to occupy lands in what is now known as ‘occupied Palestine’. Please have some common sense.

There is no ploy to ‘destroy Israel’ as in my humble opinion, it will have little or no impact on the current situation in the Middle East. Please calm down and think about it logically. I respect your religious views (whatever they may be) but if you invoke the debate of ‘identifying land through history’, then it will start a chain reaction of tribes, cultures, groups even countries demanding ‘identification of land because we were there at some point in history’ which may lead to more senseless conflict we can live without.

With Great respect,

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