Rupee Spread

Since the return of these ‘democratic’ forces in Pakistan, our economy has been going, no wait, tumbling down the ditch of misery. Our exports have gone thin and manufacturing industry hasn’t grown (majorly due to energy crisis). But we did manage to bring one thing to its heights, that would be “Inflation”.

Same is the story with our currency, I am not a finance expert but its not hard to see where we are headed after February of 2008.

Rupee against Dollar Chart

Dollar against Rupee

The red line in the middle of the graph indicates February 2008 on the graph. Thanks to ‘democracy’ Pakistan is now even worst than what it was on 14th August 1947. Slowly but surely, we as a nation are headed into the stone age. And this time, the only thing to blame for this, is ‘democracy’.

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