Religion and hatred Part – 2


The three Abrahamic religions are at war with each other for ‘world domination’ due to this in bred hatred. The clergy craves a bigger congregation, wider audience and more control, be it Judaism, Christianity or Islam. To achieve their goals, the clergy starts breeding this hatred into their subjects at an early stage.  Christians are told how someone who doesn’t holds the hand of Christ is bound for hell while Muslims tell their young ones, anyone who doesn’t pray like they do will be a hell dweller.

I do not know if they (the clerics) are playing God, sending people through to heaven and hell at their will. It is God who will decide on the day of judgement. Not some funny dressed cleric! Who has given them the right to dub anyone as an infidel? Every cleric has his own criteria of infidelity, which is just insanity. It is the most easiest way to ignite one’s rage towards another one, by dubbing them as infidels but, are they out of this world? Or aliens to earth? They are the same flesh and bones everyone is just because they differ in opinion doesn’t mean we go on a killing spree.

The most worrying phenomenon of this hatred breeding is using it at a later stage. Today, we see Islamic militants, Christian extremists, Jewish radicals spewing hatred constantly for each other. The clergy is the center of this manipulation, they use those seeds of hatred put in at a younger stage, to their own advantage. Their subjects work as a remote-controlled Robot (with flesh and bones) for these clerics. The subject is overwhelmed with so much passion, the pain of death, humiliation or retaliation seems very tiny to them.

Fellow readers, hate is good for nothing. None of the religions were based upon hatred for someone else. The founders of the three Abrahamic religions proved to us that love and friendship is what is required to spread the message of God. The sword might win the battle on ground, but it is love and friendship which will give you control over hearts and minds.


Religion and hatred Part – 1

Hatred, is a very strong sentiment. It is what fuels one’s anger and outrage. Though it can be controlled and neutralized but, when coupled with religion, it is pretty much uncontrollable. Almost every religion preaches hatred towards every other religion of the world. This hatred is what fueled the forces of the Pharaoh against Moses (P.B.U.H.), the people who crucified Jesus Christ (P.B.U.H.), the Jews and pagan worshipers of Arabia against Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), the  crusades, world wars, the murder of minorities in many countries, exiles and many other wars which are not know to the world.

Though I can confidently say that none of these religions, in their pure form, preached hatred towards any other fellow being. I will speak for myself, I didn’t observe it in the ten commandments, Jesus (P.B.U.H.) never preached it and Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) never propagated it. The lives of these Holy beings is filled with events where they showed compassion, love and mercy towards their fellow beings. In present times however, we observe the clergy doing exactly the opposite.

The only conclusion I come to for this inclusion (of hatred) is that, for ages, religion has been dominant in every civilization. Be it, Aztecs, Incas, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and Sumerians. It was their religions that brought these civilizations together to become the greatest powers in the world at that time, at the center of which were their respective clerics, but these religions also brought about the demise of these civilizations. Today, many Christians are taught to hate Jews and Muslims, Jews are taught to hate Christians and Muslims are taught to hate everyone who is not Muslim. I understand if this doesn’t sound weird to the reader but trust me it is. This hatred is included just for the purpose of domination over other religions.

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Heaven of the ignorant

Earlier this month a terrible suicide attack was carried out in Karachi Pakistan killing many individuals and left others in a deep trauma. Their only mistake was that they were visiting the shrine when these ignorant monsters decided to blow themselves up in the middle of a crowded place.  This incident created a new wave of fear and anxiety among the peaceful citizens of Karachi.

Militants“What causes a someone to go as far as to blow himself up, end his life just for the purpose of killing some innocent souls?” This question arises in many rational minds after reading or hearing news of such incident. I read an article on BBC News which was a story of one of the young boys who were held back and taken into custody before ‘blowing himself up’.

Abdus Salam, a young kid who hasn’t hit puberty yet, was ‘brainwashed’ to an extent that his immature mind was unable to think of something else. The stories or ‘motivational speeches’ used to convince this kid to do this horrible act are in a class of their own. He is promised heaven after he has committed the most horrible act. In his tiny mind, the kid is so confident about it that he can’t even think of anything else.

Though those brainwashing these innocent souls are clearly barbarians, there are some aspects of society and environment which make it easy for these morons to captivate the imagination of an innocent child such as Abdus Salam. In an Islamic society especially in Pakistan, young men and women, when they are growing up are told time and again by the elders that God (Allah) gets angry and punishes every small mistake, God is fierce, God’s wrath is unmatched, just to gain control over children. Children tend to be mischievous and adventurous but, they are constantly filled with only frightening version of God, why?

This is then abused by the radicals, who recruit these kids to fulfill their own agenda. Their job is made easier, the kid is afraid to face God and he doesn’t want to go to hell. Hence, the only way for the poor kid (according to his own limited intellect) is to sacrifice himself and enter the gates of heaven. Sadly enough, most of these kids haven’t even read and understood the Holy scripture.

What their guardians don’t tell them is that the omnipotent and almighty God is also the most loving and caring existence in the entire universe. He loves his creation more than a mother of a child. He is all forgiving, kind and most just of all. Ironically, this is what we keep from the young minds, consequently, rather been drawn towards God, the young mind tries to repel it and goes to an extent where his own life is of no value to him. We collectively can stop our next generation from playing into the hands of these (so called Islamist) interest groups who have nothing to do with Islam, by preaching them the truth about the Almighty. Otherwise they will be among those, who start out in search of heaven but the only heaven they end up in is the one of the ignorant.

The contractors of Islam

While browsing BBC News today, I came across an article which was very shocking and depressing. The article consists of different stories of women who fled Somalia to save their lives (Read the article). The country has been turned into hell by some interest groups who supposedly want Islamic law dominant in the country.

Somalia is an Islamic country, since the civil war, religion is just but an interpretation of some powerful individuals, in other words warlords. The article portrayed a very timorous period for these women in Somalia. At the same time, the gangs were referred to as “Islamists” who were carrying out such tragic acts. Rapes, forced marriages, mass murders and any other awful act you name it and its there. What’s more sad is, non in the supposedly Islamic world is standing against these crimes.

Why is it not evident to the Muslim world that it is the name of Islam which is at stakes. The defenders of Islam are found everywhere in the world. They protest on everything, at every time when there is an act of blasphemy against Islam. Well I ask them, whatever is happening in Somalia in the name of Islam, is this not blasphemy? Are these the values of a peaceful and tolerant religion? Where is your dignity as a Muslim, as a human being. These are the ones who are deteriorating the name of Islam every day. Somalia has been a failed state for about 20 years now, are these the symbols of an Islamic state?

These are the real threats to Islam, it is something that is also effecting Muslims across the world. No wonder we are thought of as militants, enraged, angry and emotional, and it will continue to be that way until and unless we reject them who use Islam as a tool to subdue those who are weak. If such barbaric acts continue in the name Islam we as Muslims should brace ourselves to be humiliated and defamed  more in the future. If this is not a wake up call, then I don’t know what will be.

Another ‘Islamist’

Another disgraceful day for Muslims around the world. A shameful act, done with no other intent than to put down Muslims across the world. Zachary Adam Chesser, 20, has pleaded guilty to supporting a Somali Islamist militant group and encouraging attacks on the writers of cartoon show South Park.

It is true that Muslims around the world are outraged but is this the way to take it out. No where it is allowed in Islam to kill someone just to feed your rage. The Prophet of Islam (whom this guy was ‘avenging’) set an example in for us in his lifetime. The renowned story of an old lady, who used to throw trash over the Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him).

Clearly it was an act of blasphemy, but analyze closely the behavior of the Holy Prophet. He willingly, go there at exactly that time where that old woman can throw trash on him, so that the woman don’t have to wait long in the hot climate of Arabia. One day the lady wasn’t there, the Holy Prophet went to her house and inquired about her health. The old lady was so moved by his gesture, she embraced Islam.

Do Muslims these days possess such temperament? Are those even eligible to be called Muslims who take up arms on such issues? Is it not a duty of the Muslim to follow the footsteps of their leader, the founder of Islam? What message are we sending out there? That we are short-tempered, outraged and highly emotional.

Muslims, as a nation, have lost their way and unless they go back to tracking the footsteps of the Holy Prophet and the teachings of Islam, they will be ridiculed, humiliated and dishonored for the rest of their lives.

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